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Zink Services, LLC


  • Fertilizer and Weed control

  • Mowing maintenance

  • Sod Installation

  • Hedge trimming

  • Lot clearing

  • Site clean up

Lawn Care Services in Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Sod Installation

Why Sod? Why Not?

Sod allows you to transform your yard, from bare dirt,to a beautiful lush lawn, in hours. With Lawn Care Services, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, provided by Zink Services, LLC, you get sod that allows you to enjoy the instant beauty, of a lawn with mature grass. 

Installing Sod has many immediate benefits:

Generates Oxygen, Cleans and Cools the Air

Absorbs the noise

Helps control dust

Sod controls soil erosion

Raises Property Value

Sod enhances your property.

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