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An Autumn Fencing To-Do List to Accomplish Before Winter

Fences are one thing that most homeowners give little thought to during winter. Even so, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your fence. A little bit of maintenance now will go a long way toward helping your structure hold up during the colder months. Here are some fencing maintenance tasks to take care of before Old Man Winter arrives.

Clean and Check

It’s important to thoroughly clean and inspect your fence during fall. By doing so, you can uncover any existing damage and have it taken care of before freezing temperatures arrive. Some things to look for include:

  • Rotted or damaged wood

  • Excessive rust, particularly on hinges and hardware

  • Missing or damaged fence posts

  • Fence panels that are bowed or leaning

If you do notice damage, it’s important to have it taken care of right away. Certain types of repairs only become more complicated to perform once the weather gets colder.

Don’t have time for repairs? In that case, you can always contact us for assistance instead.

Paint and Preserve

As part of fencing maintenance, you’ll need to repaint at least every three to five years. A fresh coat of paint will provide outstanding protection from the elements. Just be sure to use a paint that is recommended for your fence’s material. For example, you’ll need a different type of coating for an aluminum or steel fence than for one made out of wood.

For wooden fences, it’s a good idea to add a coat or two of sealant. A high-quality sealant will bead moisture on top of your fence rather than letting water seep into the pores. Not only will this prevent your wood from rotting, but it will also reduce the odds of it developing mold or mildew come spring.

Lubricate Hardware

Giving your hardware a light coat of oil will help safeguard it against rust. Pay special attention to hinges, latches, slide locks, etc. Just a light spritz of commercial lubricant such as WD-40 will provide enough protection for these components during winter.

Trim Overhanging Limbs

Walk the perimeter of your fence looking for any damaged tree limbs that overhang it. If you do find any, it’s important to have them removed as soon as possible. Strong winter winds could bring those branches down, and could potentially ruin all or part of your fence. The possibility is even greater should we happen to experience another ice storm like we did last winter.

Helping with all your Fencing and Landscape Needs

A well-maintained fence can add beauty and value to your property. If you are in need of fencing installation, maintenance, or repairs, please get in touch with us today.

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