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Understanding the Different Roles of a Landscaper

Landscapers have several roles. They take care of the residential and commercial properties and need to maintain green spaces to provide a better atmosphere for the surrounding community. Green spaces include parks, public gardens, golf courses, and other open areas around houses or offices with no raised foundation. Here are some common roles of a landscaper:

Landscape Installation

Professional landscapers use various materials to construct various shapes of the landscape. They are responsible for installing it properly, considering the weather conditions and geographical features of the area they are working on. Outdoor workers generally perform this job, but workers may need to install them indoors in some cases.

Landscaping Maintenance

Even though plants and flowers look picturesque once installed, they need to be maintained. This is where the job of a landscape maintenance worker comes in to ensure that everything looks green and alive even when they are not planted in dirt or soil. Their work includes:

  • Keeping insects and pests away from different areas.

  • Watering flowers and plants regularly.

  • Removing dead leaves or petals.

Landscaping Design

Before installation, landscape design comes into play. This differentiates between a simple garden and a well-thought-out landscape that enhances the surrounding environment. Landscape designers are professionals who consider many details like the slope of the land, the type of flowers to be planted, irrigation systems, and future maintenance costs of the area.

Grading and Drainage

Landscaping is incomplete without grading and drainage work because it prevents water from accumulating in one place. Most valleys also need to be graded with proper slopes before installation. Erosion needs to be prevented with proper drainage systems so that landscaping can thrive.

Maintenance Of Irrigation Systems

Irrigation water is only as good as the drainage system it runs through. That's why landscape maintenance work needs to be responsible for this job. If the irrigation system stops working, landscaping may look dead or muddy. Water from rain or snow needs to pass through sloped drainage systems to ensure that only the required amount of water is used.

Safety Issues

A landscaper needs to work around trees, bushes, and other plants and may need to cut down specific kinds of vegetation for installation. They are responsible for planting new ones which require specific skills. This also includes lawns, climbing or hanging plants, and outdoor lighting.

While landscapes can be installed indoors, landscapers deal mainly with outdoor work. They are not required to have a license or certification but can receive training from their employers. Most landscape designers or installation workers need more than ten years of experience to be promoted as managers or supervisors.

The tasks mentioned above form the different roles of a landscaper, which they need to carry out to ensure green open spaces around buildings or houses. These workers need specific skills for each activity and may require additional training depending on their work environment and the task at hand.

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